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31 Days of Halloween Makeup 

Hi, Von Duchess here with another one for you. I hope everyone is enjoying there Fall and have many events lined up because there are so many activities for you and your kids. If you would also like more information on what activities to do with your kids then leave a comment below.

Alright my fashion dolls, Let's get into this look! This look is inspired by the famous skeleton phase which all started by Indigenous Mexican art that celebrates the skeleton and uses it as a regular motif. The use of skulls and skeletons in art began before the Conquest.

So now that we have a little history about skeletons art; what is it about skeletons art that catches our eyes and makes us intrigued about it. Could it really be apart of our History?

Today we put the Spotlight on Ms. Trinity Kardashian. She was a contestant on Rupaul Drag Race Season 8 and 10. This beauty queen did a tutorial on Live right on Facebook of how she put this whole look together. She put the use of eye shadows and paints on her eyes and face. I love the details of lines and shapes she use in comparing her natural lines and shapes in her face. That's a key for cleanliness in application of makeup. We often get frustrated when we are stepping out of the comfort zone in makeup and want to try something new. All you have to do is take a deep breath and relax. You should also play a nice upbeat song that will get you in the zone of self confidence. Last but not least Study ,Study, Study the use of brushes and the shapes of them. In the next blog I will duplicating this exact same look. I'm going to try my expertise in finding out what color and eyeshadows were use to achieve this look. I'm ready for the challenge so let's do it!

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