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Partners with Amazon

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Hello everyone and thank you for looking at our site. Here is an update on Fashion Doll Beauty. We are now up and live where you can now shop for products. We are partnered with Amazon. The thing I love about Amazon is that you can find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on their site AND they will SHIP ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE! Online shopping is easier if you don't feel like going out and waiting in lines or seeing that what you want is no longer available due to low stock.

Amazon is also amazing when it comes to Prime. Amazon Prime is a life saver. You can get two day shipping on just about everything. If you didn't know Amazon has their own holiday called Amazon Prime Day which is two days July 15-16. Amazon Prime Day is just like Black Friday with so many deals for Prime Members. If you are interested in joining Amazon Prime I will post a link below for your 30 day free trial. Please note that Prime Day is only for Prime Members.

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