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Fabolous Just Throw It In The Bag: What if we could Make the Song Our Lifestyle?

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

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Ladies I want to know something. I will be sure to pass it on to as many men as I can. What if your man told you Just Put it in the Bag? You know the song from Fabolous and the Dream celebrating the couple's shopping spree.

In the heart of every good man is the desire to bless his lady. The norm of this is opening doors, showing love at every opportunity, and being there in the good and bad times. But outside of all the sappy stuff is... We want to bling you up lades. :)

We want our ladies to be the talk of the town. We want our wives and girlfriends to be the best dressed and most confident women in the city. Don't kid yourself she is the number 1 in the world.

It is a matter of pride and a matter of love. If you look at a woman and see that she does not have nice things or even worst tore down things. You will immediately look at her Father or the man in her life. No matter how progressive we become as a society this is true.

Men are seen as the providers. So inside of man is a desire to bless his lady. This is apart of his purpose. It affects how he sees himself. Inside of the woman is a desire to be cared , provided for, and her value to be affirmed. What better to solve that than a shopping spree?

#JustPutItInTheBag :)

The ladies in our lives are a reflection of the man that carries her, walks with her, or leads her. At different times in a relationship one may find themselves doing it all. Male or female. But this is something that Good men take seriously. It means a lot to them.

The Bible when talking about the inner and outer person even says that the women reflects man's glory. Wow. So my lady cannot be looking bad. Neither can I. We have to be in sync. If I look bad I am not a good image for her even if she is looking good or great. If I look ok,good, or great and she enjoys looking bummy. Then how can she reflect me?

How can you reflect something that you are not in sync with? If you are not one with your partner how can you reflect him?

The question of compatibility comes up. I have been in relationships with a person who did not want anything good in life. They did not want a nice home to live in. They did not care about how their apartment looked.

They did not mind not having their hair done or nice clothes. They did not care if their hair or clothes looked bad. So this was a bad thing for me. Because I am sure that people were looking at me saying why don 't you take care of your wife.

This made me feel bad. Because they had no idea what I taught in my home. That I told my wife that I wanted her to take some money and go shopping. That I told her that I wanted her to be the best looking woman in the city. I said these things when things were good in the marriage and when things were terrible.

Let's make sure that we look and feel good about ourselves. This is not just about clothing. This is about compatibility and love. This is about self esteem and your image. All of which are very important. Clothing can make you feel much better. Or it can make you feel worse.

So when my wife does not want to look good and does not mind it. There is a problem. Only because there were many other things that were deeper as I mentioned. She did not want anything good in our lives.

So I knew that we could not coexist. Hey my blog is about looking and feeling Good. Having a great time. Enjoying yourself. The clothes don 't make the man. The man makes the clothes as they say.

So this is not about clothing but about people. Our clothing say a lot about us. So this is from a man 's point of view. You see I have been in poverty in my life. It was not about money it was more about how I saw life.

I went through depression and survived a toxic relationship to bounce back. I do not want to see poverty where there could be abundance. I do not want to see lack where if we worked together we could have plenty.

So when I tell my lady to just Put it in the Bag. You see it is not materialistic. It is from a sense of Pride and Love. I want the best for you and you should want the best for me. So I never had a women that I could shower with good things.

So I started this website so I could shower as many ladies with nice things. It is a celebration of the Beauty and Strength of a Woman. If a man has a nice car he shines it up and polishes it. He gets an oil change every 3000 miles.

So what more would we do for our Wives, Girlfriends, and daughters. Even our sisters... :) . Don 't forget our moms even though they might be a little harder to shop for. But the ladies in our lives can help us with that.

I love this song just put it in the Bag. Because chances all things being equal. Meaning the man treats you well and your relationship is on a solid foundation. The man in your life wants to tell you at least every now and then Just Put it in the Bag!!!

No need to go crazy. Even the Rich and Famous cannot always do this. But it is a great thought. If we work hard and work together. I can send my family on shopping sprees and we can have anything we want.

Well here is to you and yours Putting It in the Bag!

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