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Vonduchess Shops with Botaken Concept Boutique

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Allow me introduce myself; I'm Vonduchess, fashionista extraordinaire and a licensed cosmetologist. I've worked with Bronner Brothers Hair Shows, the Natural Hair shows, Atlanta Women Expos with different celebrities, and any other fashion convention, you name it! I am currently working on a documentary about the beauty industry. It is now time to spread my wings and write about my experiences, tips or advice in the fashion world to whomever that needs my help. I am all about promoting and I am all for pro women sticking together to achieve success. If this is for you then gather around, Vonduchess has a story to tell ;)

It all started in summer ‘19 where a fashion show was being taken place. One of my close classmates referred me to a business owner that had her own boutique in Greenbriar Mall, located in Atlanta GA. Ms. Yinka, the business owner, had a fashion show cooking up and she wanted me to be apart of her project. I was thrilled she asked me to model due to the fact that I had little experience on the runway. However, I figured me watching America’s Next Top Model since the show first aired with Tyra Banks, practicing poses in the mirror; along with walking around my house in heels with music playing would finally pay off and it did. Here is a little snippet of the fashion show. Can you guess which one is me?

After I participated in the fashion show for Ms. Yinka; something compelled me to want to visit her and check on her and her business. I was truly inspired at the grace, poised and strength she has while taking care of business. It was remarkable. I remember her expressing that people look at her and her business and are impressed, but they don’t know the hard work it really takes to keep the store open; as well as get the traffic you want while still maintaining to keep the bills paid. However; through it all , she is still standing and her business is growing every single day.

During the interview we were able to connect on a whole different level. I was able to know so much about her and I felt even more connected to her. She explained in great detail how she started her business and what made her decide to get into the fashion world. This savvy business owner made me feel comfortable to be around her and I also could relate to her in many ways even down to when she expressed that she would sing in the mirror. It warmed my heart that she wasn’t afraid to open up by simply being her unique and talented self.

Vonduchess & Ms. Yinka

Later in the interview I expressed my gratitude for her. As women I find that we could have a hard time giving props to another woman. Sometimes, we may not see the vision as others may see it and identify it as a “flaw” in many ways. It can look as if the person is not being supported; or as we like to say “coming for you”. Being as it may, we all must put those negative thoughts and actions aside. We can all win together. I don’t want to sound so cliche, but you will be surprise about how much we as people need the encouragement. We sometimes strive off of one’s positive opinion. In life I have learned that instead of talking before you think, visualize that person having the success. No matter if the person’s dreams or aspirations isn’t your cup of tea; they will know what is best for them, and you my friend will continue to receive all of the good things you deserve coming to you. Remember, us as women are strong but together we can become a force to be reckoned with.

Ms. Yinka was a pleasure to talk to and she is very beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. I truly wish her abundance and prosperity in her exciting journey.

Take a look at where Vonduchess got the chance to get up close and personal with the lovely Ms. Yinka about her life and her business. I hope you enjoy!! :)

More information to connect, shop and enjoy at Botaken Concept Boutique!

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Dress designed by Ms. Yinka @Botaken_Concept

Its a wrap!!

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