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Wow how I love Rainbow Shops Clothing

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Rainbow Shops Clothing are Colorful, Stylish, Real and Price just right. They call themselves cheap and I will allow them too. But only because they are using the true definition of the word.

cheap /CHēp/

adjective 1. (of an item for sale) low in price; worth more than its cost.

They make shopping for Women and children clothing shopping fun for guys like me. Unfortunately there is no Rainbow Clothing store in my local area of Grand Rapids Michigan.

But I have a some great memories of shopping for with my ex one year. Then the other memories where with my wife. Ha ha. Let's move on. Before I get to those stories I will share a little about Rainbow the company.

Shop Rainbow Here

What is there to like about Rainbow Shops?

Rainbow brings high fashion to life with color, flare and affordability. They sale to practically everyone including Womens, Juniors, Plus size, and Kids. So the whole family can show at Rainbow Shops. That is big!

But even more they sale a wide variety of products. Swimwear, Bottoms, Leggins, Shorts, Shoes, Accessories and my favorite... Dresses. In the Strip Mall in Norfolk Virginia you the stores knew me I am sure. I am the guy who walks past the store and looks in like wowww nice.

I loved it so much that I convinced my wife to start shopping there early on in our marriage. I was hoping that she could get a job there but she did not. They were not hiring. But if you're looking for a job and they are hiring it looks like a great place to work. It is a very vibrant atmosphere in their stores.

The Outsider Says Thumbs Up

There are lots of ways to shop for Women 's clothing. Though I am not an expert and I would not claim to be one on Women's Apparel trends.

Rainbow Shops are but one great option for a lady looking to look great. What they have done is carved themselves out a heck of niche in the Women 's Clothing Market. Along with Ashley Stewart they have my applause for being amongst my favorite women stores. As I am learning more about the Women 's Clothing market that list will surely go up. But for right now I will proudly put my name on that.

Rainbow USA has been in business since 1935 . It was sold to its present owners in the 1980's. According to their Wiki Rainbow has over 1300 locations in the United States.

You can use their Store Locator to see if they have a Rainbow Store Near You.

In 2012 they started selling online for the first time! Right around the time where many Medium to Large Businesses started to realize that doing business online was a must to stay competitive , make more profits, and serve their customers like me.

Who may live in other areas of the Nation. I purchase Rainbow products for the ladies in my life. Nice to have that online shopping option.

Ok My Story About Rainbow: Being a Gentlemen is bad?

Ok so my then Fiance comes to my hometown of Norfolk to meet my family before we get married. I met her in #Colorado Springs, Colorado when I was stationed there in the Army. I tell you I used to like Colorado but let's just say that their style at the time was not up to the East Coast Va standards. We go shopping at Rainbow and she gets a few outfits. Like a Gentlemen I carry her bags to the car. I then see a high school friend. Hey!!! It's been about 5 or 6 years.

I put the bags on top of the car as I go over to say hi. We speak and then Clesa and I get in the car and go home. The trip home is about 7 minutes, not to far away. When we get home we realize that her bags are not in the car.

Oh nooo where could it be? Oh yeah I put the bags on top of the car.... Clesa is livid. It was my fault. I messed up. Someone picked up those bags and there was a very happy lady who wore Clesa 's size or could sell those clothes to someone else.


Oh how I miss Clesa. My friend forever. It didn't work out. I wonder why? I miss all the fussing and fighting we did. But still that is my homie.

The other story is about my Present wife. Not as interesting as that one. But the simple thing is. I used to love Rainbow Shops. So I encouraged her to go there and shop. So that is how much I love that store!

What do you think of Rainbow Shops? Let us know

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